Chapter Five: Story Nine

11 Jun

Gigi sat in a wicker chair in the garden, her diary in her lap. She blinked her eyes a few times, wondering if perhaps she’d dozed off for a moment. Her diary sat open to the page she had been writing just a minute or two before:

Dear Mr. Diary,

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever live in a house of my own. I suppose it just never occurred to me. I grew up at Thousand Candles, and Uncle doesn’t have any children, so I suppose Brian will inherit the manor. Will he inherit SPOT operations one day as well? Where does that leave—

But there the entry left off. Gigi closed her diary, and stood up to stretch. As she did, she noticed Inky nearby.

“Mm, I do believe I’ve been less than vigilant just now, Inky. You shouldn’t let me sleep like that, if you want something. Just give me a little tap, hmm?”

Inky hung his body to the side in an apologetic pose.

“Oh, no, no, Inky dearest, I didn’t mean you should be sorry. Come here you silly boy.” Gigi put an arm around Inky and patted his side. “There, there. You can’t be expected to remember all our human habits, now can you?”

Inky brightened a little, but still seemed bothered.

“I tell you what. Why don’t we have ourselves a nice stroll about the grounds, just you and me? It’s been awhile since we’ve done that, eh?” she said, nudging Inky with a winning smile. She put a hand on her hip and Inky laced a tentacle lightly about it. Gigi set off across the garden, starting onto the route through the fields that SPOT Special Services agents normally took for their daily run. Instead, however, it was a comfortable walk, as if Inky were a dear friend who had called upon her, and they were catching up on each others’ lives.

Despite the fact that they could not properly speak when not Interfacing, Gigi was pleased to carry on her end of the conversation, and Inky seemed pleased to listen, squeezing her arm periodically as if in response to a point she’d made.

“Isn’t it a lovely day we’re having? The sun is shining, the sky is blue…it’s a day to be happy, you see?” she said, still hoping to cheer him from their earlier misunderstanding. Inky gave a pulse to her arm.

Suddenly, Gigi bumped into something soft, which gave way immediately as if moving back. She looked up, surprised. It was Sky, her twin brother’s tentaclebeast counterpart.

“Sky, my humblest apologies, I didn’t see you there. Are you quite alright then?”

Sky eyed Gigi and Inky from under his fuschia fin, with what seemed like hundreds of thin tentacles rippling silently below his bright blue body. He moved quickly off towards the nearby strand of woods without acknowledging either of them. Inky squeezed Gigi’s arm twice in succession.

“What was that all about, then?” she wondered aloud. Not that the other tentaclebeasts typically bothered with human customs, such as those of greeting and departure. Inky was exceptional in that regard. Gigi shrugged it all off.

“Why don’t we find some refreshment then? Won’t that be nice?” Inky simply pulsed against her arm, and Gigi led him towards the kitchens.


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